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Common Types Of Industrial Racking And Its Benefits

Industrial Racking System suit varied manufacturing and distribution facilities. Choosing the right size, standard, design and dimension of racks are significant, yet it depends on physical size and other factors. MEX Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the paramount Industrial Rack Manufacturers. There are plenty of racking systems available for different applications. Check this blog to know about them and the benefits associated with them.

  • Heavy Duty Rack: Thanks to its load-bearing capacity, this type of rack ideal for medium to heavy load items. Installing it can save plenty of time and increase productivity as well.
  • Warehouse Rack: These are specifically designed for warehouse environments and have excellent storage density and ability to withstand daily wear and tear conditions. With this, storing and handling cartoon, pallets, and large units become effortless.
  • Pallet Rack: Another racking system on our list is Pallet Rack that creates efficient space within your facility and makes product management easier for the end-users. It allows you to optimize the vertical store space to the fullest without increasing your cost.
  • Drive In Rack: Last but not least in this list is Drive In Rack. It is considered ideal for storing and showcasing repetitive products. Besides maximizing your storage capacity, this can also minimize the clutter and ensure better product safety.

Other than that, there are plenty more options available to fit perfectly into space. You can browse through our vast category on our website and make your choice today. Being one of the eminent Warehouse Rack Manufacturers, we put our customers first and deliver excellent solutions accordingly. You can call our experts or drop your direct enquiry to get our instant support.

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